Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Anger, ever sat and thought about anger?

Well Anger is an interesting thing we experience. I've had to come to terms with what anger is and why the CRAP we have to deal with it. :) No I am not taking an anger management class, no I don't have issues....oh wait :).

If you want a good book to help you understand anger try reading "Letting Go of Anger: The 10 Most Common Anger Styles and What to do About Them" by Ron Potter-Efron, M.S.W. and Pat Potter-Efron, M.S.

I went through the book's anger survey to find out what style of anger I am. I have several actually. One that really provoked some thinking (yeah it hurt a little, lol) was to find out I am and Anger Avoidant style. Wow, I didn't think I actually avoided anger.
I learned something new that I had never thought of before: Anger is a natural emotion. It is OKAY to feel angry. Feeling the anger emotion is not BAD it just depends what you do with it once you feel it. You can't just repress it. You have to choose to deal with it wisely.

That was a new thought for me. I guess I always thought anger was bad bad bad. So now my life experiences and my reactions to them make sense. I really do avoid anger. I repress it and when the anger emotion tries to lurk its way in I push it away with a 'that's bad' thought, until finally all the repressed anger explodes (apologies to anyone who has witnessed my exploding moments).

To sum it all up, anger is a part of life. Just cuz you feel it doesn't mean you're bad. Allow yourself to feel it, deal with it appropriately and then let it go.

To make sure I don't sink back into old habits of repressing anger I try to allow myself a day here and there to be my 'angry day'. So I sit and think of all the things that make me angry and process them and then let them go. It has helped. :)

There are many different anger styles: avoidant, sneaky, moral, deliberate, habitual, addictive, shameful, paranoid, sudden, and hateful. Check out this book to find out which one or several fit your style..........
Have a good day!!!!!!!!!! :D

Friday, February 20, 2009

Dear Farr.....

Does it ever occur to you that maybe when you put a picture of your product on the front of the product and the customer purchases that product that they will be expecting that picture when they open the package????!!!

Such was our plight one late evening. After a VERY rough week I headed to the grocer to pick up some groceries. Due to tight budget restrictions I was very lucky to even purchase icecream!! Usually my first choice is Blue Bunny. Farr, maybe you should go visit the Blue Bunny factory to learn what the word "chunks" means.

For those of you who like chunks in your icecream, you will know that chunky icecream is not only a preference but also a way of survival.....a way of CHEWING the stresses out of life. There is NOTHING better than a good creamy icecream with lots of CHUNKS.

When I saw that the price of wonderfully chunky delicious Blue Bunny had sky-rocketed, I wandered down the aisle to see if I could get my money's worth. There I saw the picture. The picture of Farr's Cookie Dough icecream....ON SALE!!!! The picture showed amazing amounts of beautifully arranged chunks. I thought, "Okay Farr, let's give you a try....you are on sale...."

After unloading the groceries my husband and I sat down to watch a movie. He pulled out the icecream and dished it up. He griped and complained at the lack of chunks while he dished it. No amount of complaining or griping could have prepared my cookie-dough-aching teeth for the vanilla icecream with black SPECKS in it. That's right....I said SPECKS (not chunks)!!! And was the icecream creamy? NO!!! It tasted like frozen yogurt!!! I had to double check the carton to make sure it wasn't frozen yogurt!!!!! Nope it was real icecream. Did it have cookie dough chunks? Spread throughout the entire carton was about 1 TEASPOON of cookie dough!!!!!

Farr, I am disappointed in you. We haven't even finished the carton of icecream because we are still SO traumatized. At a moment when we needed you to pull through the most you weren't there for us Farr. As 'Farr' as we are concerned.....Blue Bunny gets the vote!!!!

With Saddest Regards,
The Hansens

Thursday, February 19, 2009

BRIANNA: a definition of.....

First off I want to say WELCOME to my new blog that is not going to be private! :) The fam blog is private but this one is just my way of babbling about life so as not to lose my sanity! :) (For family updates you can check the spidermanclan blog). So here's to my first post on this blog and it's ALL ABOUT ME!!!!!! LOL!!! :)

I got tagged....sort of...by AUnt M!!

The idea here is define who you are - what seven things, traits or qualities make up who YOU are?


1. SOFT HEART: Yes, okay I admit, my heart is soft. Things affect me quite a bit. I try to get a hard shell and brush things off but it doesn't work really. So here I go living life with my soft heart. But it might be a good thing when it comes to getting into heaven????? :) We hope.

2. DRAMATIC: I don't know why, but for some weird reason everyone says I am a little dramatic. I don't know what the crap they are saying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm NOT DRAMATIC YOU PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (heheheheee)

3. CHARISMATIC: I don't have much to say on this other than Trevor says I am. So I'll trust him, even if the charisma is what he only can see :)

4. CREATIVE: Just get to know me and you might hear sayings or ideas that you've never heard before!! (whether you want to or not)

5. OVERANALYZING: That's what I do, it's what I live for.....

6. SPIRITUAL: I like religion I really do, and it takes over my every thought!!! THERE IS A GOD. Don't ever question that!!!!!!!!!!!

7. SELF-PERFECTIONIST: I'm always making lists in my head of ways I need to improve, goals to accomplish, and failures to overcome........now if I could just get this trait to turn from a thought process to action!!!!!!!! LOL!!!

Now, I tag......hmmmm....I don't know of anyone reading this blog yet. I guess I tag Mom, Maria, Tisha, Krista, Sarah, and Stacie.......good luck!!!! Teach me about you!!! :)