Thursday, February 19, 2009

BRIANNA: a definition of.....

First off I want to say WELCOME to my new blog that is not going to be private! :) The fam blog is private but this one is just my way of babbling about life so as not to lose my sanity! :) (For family updates you can check the spidermanclan blog). So here's to my first post on this blog and it's ALL ABOUT ME!!!!!! LOL!!! :)

I got tagged....sort AUnt M!!

The idea here is define who you are - what seven things, traits or qualities make up who YOU are?


1. SOFT HEART: Yes, okay I admit, my heart is soft. Things affect me quite a bit. I try to get a hard shell and brush things off but it doesn't work really. So here I go living life with my soft heart. But it might be a good thing when it comes to getting into heaven????? :) We hope.

2. DRAMATIC: I don't know why, but for some weird reason everyone says I am a little dramatic. I don't know what the crap they are saying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm NOT DRAMATIC YOU PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (heheheheee)

3. CHARISMATIC: I don't have much to say on this other than Trevor says I am. So I'll trust him, even if the charisma is what he only can see :)

4. CREATIVE: Just get to know me and you might hear sayings or ideas that you've never heard before!! (whether you want to or not)

5. OVERANALYZING: That's what I do, it's what I live for.....

6. SPIRITUAL: I like religion I really do, and it takes over my every thought!!! THERE IS A GOD. Don't ever question that!!!!!!!!!!!

7. SELF-PERFECTIONIST: I'm always making lists in my head of ways I need to improve, goals to accomplish, and failures to if I could just get this trait to turn from a thought process to action!!!!!!!! LOL!!!

Now, I tag......hmmmm....I don't know of anyone reading this blog yet. I guess I tag Mom, Maria, Tisha, Krista, Sarah, and Stacie.......good luck!!!! Teach me about you!!! :)


  1. Cool!!! That's a fun tag; tough, though, too... but glad you've got an outlet now, LOL!!! :-)

  2. I tried to be a follower again - error. DARN! I'll keep trying. I wanted to be the first!

  3. Hi Brianna. I did the tag. Check it out.

  4. You are sweet. I love ya. I enjoy your "ramblings".

  5. Yeh, I agree with your assessment of yourself, however, you left off one thing: "AWESOME". Love, ya.