Friday, February 20, 2009

Dear Farr.....

Does it ever occur to you that maybe when you put a picture of your product on the front of the product and the customer purchases that product that they will be expecting that picture when they open the package????!!!

Such was our plight one late evening. After a VERY rough week I headed to the grocer to pick up some groceries. Due to tight budget restrictions I was very lucky to even purchase icecream!! Usually my first choice is Blue Bunny. Farr, maybe you should go visit the Blue Bunny factory to learn what the word "chunks" means.

For those of you who like chunks in your icecream, you will know that chunky icecream is not only a preference but also a way of survival.....a way of CHEWING the stresses out of life. There is NOTHING better than a good creamy icecream with lots of CHUNKS.

When I saw that the price of wonderfully chunky delicious Blue Bunny had sky-rocketed, I wandered down the aisle to see if I could get my money's worth. There I saw the picture. The picture of Farr's Cookie Dough icecream....ON SALE!!!! The picture showed amazing amounts of beautifully arranged chunks. I thought, "Okay Farr, let's give you a are on sale...."

After unloading the groceries my husband and I sat down to watch a movie. He pulled out the icecream and dished it up. He griped and complained at the lack of chunks while he dished it. No amount of complaining or griping could have prepared my cookie-dough-aching teeth for the vanilla icecream with black SPECKS in it. That's right....I said SPECKS (not chunks)!!! And was the icecream creamy? NO!!! It tasted like frozen yogurt!!! I had to double check the carton to make sure it wasn't frozen yogurt!!!!! Nope it was real icecream. Did it have cookie dough chunks? Spread throughout the entire carton was about 1 TEASPOON of cookie dough!!!!!

Farr, I am disappointed in you. We haven't even finished the carton of icecream because we are still SO traumatized. At a moment when we needed you to pull through the most you weren't there for us Farr. As 'Farr' as we are concerned.....Blue Bunny gets the vote!!!!

With Saddest Regards,
The Hansens


  1. I HATE it when that happens. I think you should send the remainder of the package directly to the company accompanying a stronly worded letter and demand your money back. And the fact that it will be totally melted, will just make it that much easier for them to see that there ARE NO CHUNKS!!

    Go to mi sobrina - right this wrong. Justify this injustice!

  2. I agree with the first comment. Send it back with your notes, that is false advertising and just wrong. I'm so sorry for your loss this evening.

    BTW: LOVE your header picture. You look so cute!

  3. That is just disappointing! It's pretty annoying when you don't get what you think you are getting. When you have found the BEST of ANYTHING...I guess just don't get your hopes up when you venture out on a different one(and when it's yummier than the grateful)! :)

  4. LOVE Melissa's comment!!! That's hilarious - especially since these food products always say, "return unused portion..." ROFL!!!

    If you'd like a good cookies & cream recommendation, the Fred Meyer Deluxe brand is GREAT - I haven't seen Oreo chunks that big since I bought a package of 'em! Not that we buy ice cream very often, but still, LOL...

    Hope your next ice cream pick meets with chunkier success! :-)

  5. I need you to add me to your family blog.

  6. Hi Brianna,
    My name is Jordan and I work for Blue Bunny's PR firm, Barkley. Couldn't help but notice that you like our chunky ice cream! I'd love to send you some free coupons for digging our ice cream so much. Feel free to email me if you're interested!
    Thanks, Jordan

  7. Write a strongly worded letter, dar! You did it before and got a replacement curling iron AND a free haircut. Send a lock of that burnt hair with the ice cream, if necessary.

    Hey you! Look at me!
    Say "Ice Cream!"