Friday, March 20, 2009

What the KEIFER?????

Yes, this is what KEIFER looks like. Leave it for a few more days and it curds up quite well leaving a liquid underneath the curds.
You are then supposed to strain the liquid into some sort of smoothie (add bananas to kill the taste) and drink it.
That, my friends, helps to regulate the bowels, give you more energy, and build muscle mass (good source of protein).
This is basically what I call a "super-power yogurt-curd-like substance"
If you want a start....let me know. LOL
(Disclaimer: I am not usually a homeopathic typa person, but uh okay I tried it and so far it seems to be a 'super-power yogurt' .......then again, could it just be I am drinking smoothies more often, thus getting more amounts of fruit, therefore feeling 'regular' and more energy and better muscle mass?)


  1. LOL! I love your "babbler" blog.

  2. I'll stick to Yoplait thank you very much....but love the info! =) LOL!

  3. my email is

  4. DIS-GUS-TING! Even for you girl!

  5. Very cool! Wish I lived near ya; as it is, I think I'll have to scope out the "hippie stores," LOL...

    Glad it's working well for you - muscle mass is definitely not fruit-related, LOL! ;-)

  6. You are very brave. That would not go over well here at the picky eater's club.