Sunday, March 1, 2009


SRING!!!!!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy Springy weather is here!!!! I cannot stand the winter months! Hooray!

Here's a thought:

"It's better to shoot for the stars and land in the tree than to shoot for the tree and land in the mud!!!"

Nothing to do with Spring, but I like that quote.


  1. You're too funny sometimes. I am SOOO happy for spring weather too. Hope is stays for awhile or we'll all get depressed again :-(

  2. LOL I love the quote. It is awsome. I love spring too.

  3. Such randomness but I LOVE it! Is it springy yet? I'm not feeling it.....

  4. Yes, Brianna, I took the picture of the mountains. I'm enjoying this spring weather, too. Can't wait to go camping.

  5. I'm sure there was a thought process we just aren't privy to, that connected those thoughts - no worries! :-)

    And yes, by all means, aim for the stars, but make sure you know what's behind them before you fire. ;-) (Okay, that's a total hunter's ed reference, so hmm... can you tell it's late?)

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