Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Three Mother Figures In My Life....


I know that I can ALWAYS count on my Mom. ALWAYS!!!! She has been my best friend my whole life. She doesn't judge me, she knows my heart is good, and she will forgive me for my dumb mistakes in a heartbeat.
I have learned SO much from my Mom. First of all, she is ALWAYS giving of herself to help others. She has been that way my whole life. There are many many many instances I could list where she has helped others but it would take too long! :)
I've also learned that TOUGH HORRIBLE things happen in life, but what are you going to do about it? Sit and cry. Well, yes, of course. Then when your done crying, find the humor in it. That's how you cope. Cry and then laugh. And of course, learn what you can from the situation.
In everything she has gone through she always comes out stronger.
Now the thing that's tricky with her is that she doesn't give herself the credit. She often doesn't realize what an AMAZING person she is!!!! I know God has a great mansion already prepared for her!!!
Another big thing I have learned from her is the importance and ability to communicate...even when it's hard or damages your pride. One thing that really really bugs me is when people play dumb mind-games and don't just COMMUNICATE. Or even APOLOGIZE. But those are two things my Mom is GREAT at!!! Every time she and I have been in an argument or mad at each other for WHATEVER reason, she is always the first to come and apologize and communicate and repair!!! THAT IS VALUABLE. It has helped me in my marriage and in every other relationship I have.
I value and LOVE my Mom dearly!!!! She is a hero in my eyes. She has accomplished so much because she has embraced the gospel no matter what life throws at her!!! I love her SO much!!!
There is no one that can compare or take the place of you Mom, you mean so much to me!!!! You have made such a great impact for good in my life that this measley little blog post seems lame to try and show my gratitude.
I hope to be such an amazing Gran as you are to my kids someday when I have granbabies of my own!!

My Grandma Sue:

I have a lot of memories that bring smiles to my face everytime I think of all the fun times G-ma Soup and I have had!!!!! She always slept on the trampoline with us, let us build forts, encouraged us to be better people, and took care of us when we were sick!!
My parents took us to stay with G-ma Sue at least a full week out of every year. I learned so much from her. One time I remember barfing all across her living room floor as I failed to make it to the bathroom. Not one harsh word or word of complaint came from her mouth. She lovingly made sure I was okay and then cleaned it all up.....and it took her awhile.
Another time that really stands out, is one day after shortly becoming a young woman, she asked me if I had worked on my personal progress at all yet. I thought it was kind of dumb and rolled my eyes (at least in my mind) and said no. She told me to get my book and I did. She proceeded to show great enthusiasm as she encouraged and helped me to get started. She was the encouragement I needed to start my personal progress which I eventually completed and am SO grateful for!
Gma Sue also is a fantastic listener!! Anytime I need someone to talk to she will listen with care and concern. She has taught me the value in listening as well!
She, too, has been through A LOT in life. And through it all she has EMBRACED the gospel!!! She knows God answers her prayers and it shows in her attitude! She has such a strong testimony and I admire her cheerfulness!
Ever ask her how she's doing? She'll smile a genuine smile and say something like "terrific!" or "fantastic!" Someday I hope to show that kind of cheerfulness and be able to come out of life still holding true to the gospel with the same devotion she shows!!!! I love you G-ma Soup!!!! :D

Vicki (my MIL):

When most people mention their mother in law, they roll their eyes or have great horror stories to tell. NOT ME. I grin and say "I have the best MIL I could ever ask for!"
I am SO BLESSED with the WONDERFUL MIL I have!!!!!! She, too, has been through HECK and back!!! And yet she clings to the Gospel as well!!! If she can help in anyway she jumps to the opportunity. She has a very tender and caring heart. If she hears of anyone going through a hard time her heart goes out to them. She is VERY caring.
A huge thing I have learned from her is her amazing ability to listen and not judge! So many times I have struggled with something or some issue in my life and when I talk with her she really honestly listens to my problems and cares. She really cares. And she doesn't judge me. I have had some really hard things to deal with and everytime I talk with her about them I find myself wondering 'how will she respond?' or 'what is she thinking about the crazy girl who married her son?' But EVERYTIME she is very kind in her responses and gives such wonderful advice!!!! I have only known her for about 6 years, but those 6 years have been more blessed because I know her!!
I am SO thankful she perservered through motherhood with her 7 young children! She raised such a wonderful son, Trevor! I am constantly amazed at the qualities of perserverance, tolerance, love, and forgiveness he shows to me and I know he learned them from his mother. I am eternally grateful to Vicki for her wise choices she has made in her life because it has afffected my eternity and blessed me with even more of a wonderful eternal companion!

To be clear, these women are heros in my life!!! I feel like no matter what ever happens, they will always be there for me and my family. They truly do care and love and they hold to the Gospel with all they have!! They are examples to me!!! Even though each one of them is not perfect (like everyone else in this world) they ARE perfect in KEEPING ON. They KEEP ON KEEPING ON. That is the key.
Like most women, these three women don't give themselves enough credit for all they do! Well you guys do SO MUCH!! Thank you!! I love you!!!
Life can be horrible. That's just what it does. How else would we learn and grow? How else would we realize that we CANNOT make it without our Savior? We have to go through hard things to know Him better and to know how to put all our trust in Him, and to know how to help others better.
I have learned that from these women, and I want to thank them for being three of my best friends. You guys really do make a difference and I will be forever in your debt for loving me and teaching me and for choosing the right!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I really need to think of something to blog about on this here blog......I almost had something eh ur uh yep LOST IT. It was good it really was. What a shame. A great thought process lost in deep space........

Okay, good night....just you wait...the thought will come back and IT WILL BE AMAZING!!!!!

Here's a little quote to keep you going for the day:

"Life begets life, energy becomes energy, It is by spending oneself that One becomes Rich." -Sarah Bernhardt

Friday, April 10, 2009

BLUE BUNNY ICECREAM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are the two,.....yes TWO blue bunny coupons for a free carton of DELICIOUS Blue Bunny icecream each!!!!!!! Thank you so much Blue Bunny!!!!
Farr Icecream is the icecream company that messed up (see previous post "Dear Farr...") and so I compared them to Blue Bunny cuz Blue Bunny actually HAS WONDERFUL chunky-ness like they show on the front of their carton. I was ECSTATIC to receive these coupons as promised and Blue Bunny didn't even have to do that!! They made up for where Farr failed!!! How can a company be this good? And yet they are!! GO BLUE BUNNY!!! (P.S. These pictures are of the two cartons we ALREADY had in our freezer...yes we LOVE Blue Bunny icecream! I CAN'T WAIT to restock for free!!! Hooray!!!!!!)

Thank you thank you thank you again Blue Bunny!!! If any of you out there have never tried Blue Bunny icecream, give it a shot!!!! A quality company with quality products is a rare find indeed!!!