Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I really need to think of something to blog about on this here blog......I almost had something eh ur uh yep LOST IT. It was good it really was. What a shame. A great thought process lost in deep space........

Okay, good night....just you wait...the thought will come back and IT WILL BE AMAZING!!!!!

Here's a little quote to keep you going for the day:

"Life begets life, energy becomes energy, It is by spending oneself that One becomes Rich." -Sarah Bernhardt


  1. I should be a freakin millionaire by now. I'll just keep waiting......

    Aunti M

  2. Amen to that quote - every time I hear about someone really excelling in what life is about, it's because they're "wearing out their life in service." I don't LIKE to be worn-out. In fact, I start getting really stubborn and cranky, LOL. But that's because I'm not 100% over myself yet, as far as I can figure.

    At any rate, very cool quote - thanks! :-) I love your blog!!! :-)

  3. yep...agree with Melissa....I think all MOMs should be millionaires by now...or at least almost there! =) love the quote