Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm a magazine....

Trevor said I should be a magazine cuz I have so many issues!!!! ROFL!!!

Okay that was pretty funny. :oD

So maybe I should be 'Brianna the Magazine' instead of 'Brianna the Babbler'!!!! :D


  1. Sobrina,
    You are a babbler, AND a magazine. Very clever Trevor.
    And this would be why I love you so!

  2. Trevor has subscribed to that magazine for eternity, so the issues will just keep on coming! Good thing he's an avid reader!

  3. Oh my...that is HILARIOUS! Did he say it in his "deep batman voice?!" LOL

  4. That is hilarious! Also, I'm a bit behind in the using letters to say something. I do know what ttyl, lol, and btw mean, but that's about it. What does ROFL mean?