Monday, July 6, 2009

Clean house, well sorta, and slackened blogger....

Yes, it has been FOREVER since I blogged. With summer comes some extra things I don't get in winter, like walks, pool, park, library summer reading program......and in a month or so soccer.

Well, with all the stuff something had to go. I decided to be one of those moms whose on top of the house thing. I've been really good with getting great wholesome meals prepared, but keeping the house clean and training my girls to help me with it has been a great task for me. (Now I have Alivia emptying the dishwasher and cleaning the living room every day! Woo hoo!! When she's annoyed with me making her clean, she says "Mom, you're my Stepmother cuz you're making me clean!" She likes Cinderella a little too much I'm thinking.)

So my goal was that I would have no computer time (that means no blogging, facebook, emailing, geneology, etc.) until my house was first clean. Well, pretty much that meant NEVER!!! Cuz I clean and I clean and I do laundry and dishes, and more cleaning, and in between it all try to raise my girls and yeah, the computer time never happened except an occassional checking of the email. (oh yeah , and with all of this I've been trying to get to bed at a decent hour).

So I've missed out on a lot, and you all have missed out on a lot. So here's time for maybe some catch up. Uh yeah we'll try. :D

I guess I've learned a few things: I hate cleaning, I hate having having to sleep..., I hate how dirty the house gets right after cleaning it, I can never have perfection (darn), and above all, I'D MUCH RATHER HAVE HAPPY CHILDREN WHO I READ TO EVERYDAY THAN SPEND ALL AND I MEAN ALL MY EXTRA TIME CLEANING AND DOING DISHES AND DOING LAUNDRY. TO HE** WITH CLEANING!!!!
(dRaMa aDdEd) :P (were you thinking I wanted to cuss, cuz i was actually picturing in my mind the word 'heck'. ;)


  1. You know me...I HATE HATE HATE cleaning. If I told myself I couldn't do computer until my house was clean I might as well throw my computer out the window and disconnect my internet :-)

    Oh, btw HOW CUTE is Ms Aliva "Mom, you're my Stepmother cuz you're making me clean!" LOL so precious!

  2. It all has to do with balance, don't you think? I mean, I can get so caught up with the things I enjoy doing, I never get the things done that need to be done. Unfortunately, for me cleaning house is not something I enjoy doing. But a clean house is important. A clean house smells great. A clean house feels comfortable (unless it's so clean you don't dare get comfortable). A clean house invites company. And a clean house is a place where the Spirit likes to enter. But there is a different between being OCD and having a happy, clean home. OCD is never finished. Sounds like you're doing a great job of balancing. And, yes, we have missed your blogs.

  3. Yea know how it goes with how dirty your house gets just after you clean. I find it is balancing the too. Other wise I am not a happy mom because my house looks like a sty. :)

  4. I hate cleaning too. Just remember, there will come a day, and there will be no one home to pick up after, and it will make you a little sad. Not a lot. Just a little.

  5. I remember once when my sister was born and I was about 14 years old. I stepped in and did everything my mom did to keep the family running while she was in the hospital. You know what I learned? That I'll never work as hard as my mom did to keep house. It's more important to me to do things with my family while keeping the house clean enough that we can be healthy and happy. You're off to a great start with teaching Alivia. Now that I have teenagers I do less actual cleaning and more teaching them to do it.

  6. Yeah, welcome back, I've missed you! Don't sweat the small stuff, when you're on your deathbed, you won't be wishing you had kept a cleaner house. Work together, play together and pray together makes a celestial family. You are well on your way girl and I'm right beside you cheering you on, you are one awesome daughter of God. Love ya, grmasu

  7. Heh... I've just decided to get used to the "it's kind of messy" comments from socially maladjusted individuals.