Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kids take things literally

So we were in the doc's office yesterday and they had this cute little exercise routine poster for the kids to do while they wait.

My 3 1/2 yr old had me read to her each thing and then she'd do it.

For example, "dance like a monkey for 1 minute while you sing a silly song", or "do 20 jumping jacks. Now do them again only faster."

We came to one that said (and I read it exactly), "Stand on one foot and hop for 1 minute. Now stand on the other foot and hop on it for 1 minute."

She placed one foot on top of the other foot and proceeded to hop whilst "standing on one foot"!!!

ROFL!!!! (Rolling On Floor Laughing) :D


  1. Of course, that's the same thing I would have done. Stupid poster just isn't that clear. CUTE Alivia!!

  2. haha very nice. Thanks explaining too!

  3. Was that not what the directions meant for her to do? CUTIE PIE!

  4. She is just so CUTE! I remember when Tonya was about her age and was getting ready to go from Nursery into Sunbeams (with a Feb birthday, she was almost 4 before she went in). She seemed mostly excited about it, but one day we were in the kitchen and there were beautiful rays from the sun streaming through the dining room blinds. I pointed the sunbeams out to her and instead of an excited acknowledgement she just started to sob big, huge heartwrenching sobs. Why? She really didn't want to become a Sunbeam afterall, if that's what a sunbeam was. Now that broke my heart when I realized how brave she was trying to be about being a Sunbeam, when in reality she figured she'd have to die to do it.

  5. I can just imagine sitting in a doctors office watching her do this.

  6. I never thought of it that way...Funny!