Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm back!

Hey guys, I am back to the blogging world!!
Guess I'll share a quick story. Last week I went to Fresh Market (I don't choose this store over others but I had three gift cards). I spent an hour finding the things I needed and when I checked out, the debit/gift card machines weren't working. Long story short they didn't handle it very well and demanded I pay with credit card. I left without groceries and was very frustrated. Well I put in a complaint with corporate, and the store manager called me the next day apologizing profusely, and she sent me a $20 gift card in the mail!!! AWESOME!! So Fresh Market totally redeemed themselves.
Okay, check out my family blog cuz I updated that too :)
Missed ya all!! -Brianna

Friday, January 1, 2010

A bit of me......and a bit of the two-headed blog monster

okay here it comes......this has been a long time coming that's for sure!!! :)

Let's start off with some background.... I guess I have some weird part of me that will go through obsessions....wait a minute arent we all like this at one point or another?? ;)

I'll have months where all I want to do are puzzles. I'll do every puzzle I own and go buy a few more and do those. Then I get sick of puzzles (I start dreaming about them), and that obsession goes dormant for another 6 months to 2 years......depending on when I get through all the rest.

Then I'll get in a sudoku obsession and all my free time will be on sudoku....til I get sick of it/start dreaming numbers.....

Another one is scrapbooking......

And blogging got it's obsession era too......I even set up two!! I'm so awesome!! ;)

And yet another is reorganizing everything in the house (currently on that one).

Around September my new obsession became Harry Potter. I never actually read the series. I read books one and two years back but I never kicked it into 'obsession mode'. So it died a slow death. But I'l tell you what kicked me into obsession mode. I saw the most recent movie half blood prince and I HAD TO KNOW THE DETAILS OF SNAPE....good or bad??? So I told Trevor (this was in September) I was going to read the whole series by Christmas. He laughed and said 'yeah right'. I finished the last book about ten days before Christmas!!!! My obsession and questions satisfied. (And I was dreaming about fighting You-Know-Who every night......all this to understand the pshycological workings of Snape....totally worth it!!!
So to sum it up....I get these obsessive hobbies that come and go and cycle through, and when harry potter took over my life, blogging went out the window.

BUTTTTTTTTTTT There are OTHER reasons why blogging went out the window!! (besides the fact i've had sick kids and a very busy calling and lots of other stuff going on..) But we will address some other reason: And here are my explanations and analyzations of the 'two-headed blogging monster' inside of me. (one head likes it and the other head doesn't yet they are attached to the same body..... just an analogy to explain my conflicting feelings)

it really is great to be in the 'loop' of peoples' lives. Some people you lose contact with if you drop the blogging and/or facebook world. But i don't like being 'bound by the cyber world to know what is going on with loved ones... yet this is the world we live in and it is convenient so even with my irritation of this I still really like it ha ha go figure ;)

I realize how many cute little precious details of our lives and what the girls say and do I record really well on the blog.......I do keep a journal however it seems easier to type
all the nitty gritty details, and i haven't computerized my journal yet, so writing it is cumbersome.

Not only is it nice to keep up on others' lives but it is nice to have a convenient way to let people know what is going on in ours.......convenient.....yet at the same time people REALLY care? If they did they would call.......but we're all low on minutes right? lol :)

Vulnerability is another thing. You put all your heart into a blog or statuses on facebook lol and for all you know a crazy person could be stalking you.......even someone you think you know could be turning has happened you know. And yet it is such a fun way to have a voice!!! :)

"Put all your heart into a blog" Some people really do this. They are genuine on their blog, you feel uplifted after reading their blog (even when they are negative on it) cuz you know they aren't perfect either and yet they keep on keeping on. But there are other blogs that only show part of the truth (not like blogs are supposed to reveal all....nor would we want them to) but you know what i mean, the blogs that you feel depressed after reading, the 'look at me i'm so talented and happy and perfect' blogs. The ones that you read and just felt like you wasted preciouus time reading it. Only to feel inadequate in all your endeavors.

And that brings us to the last point I have about blogs.....waste of time. Or is it? Everything has good to it and everything has bad to it. Blogging does have quite a bit of good in it....the problem I have is that I get these 'obsessive hobby' moments and have a hard time not spending too much time on one thing. Moderation in all things, Brianna, come on it can't be that hard!!! And yet it is for ME!! I feel guilty when I spend time on a "pointless, time-wasting blog" when my kids will only be young for a short while (same goes for any other thing that can possibly be deemed as 'wasting time')......when I need sleep so desperately, when I don't have much free time anyway beause of so many demands with family, community, and church........ but wouldn't it count as 'me' time.........but do i want a 'two headed blogging monster' to take up my precious 'me' time..??

So after all this analyzing.....I have determined to delete both blogs......JK!!!!!!!!! LOL!! total joke!! No I am actually going to keep both blogs because I have been able to record some precious memories and thoughts and feelings that I want to keep recording while my kids are young and I am a young mother. So when someday my girls are older they will have memories to review IN ADDITION to my very down=to=earth personal journal.
There is enough good to blogging that I am going to try and keep it up through all my random obsessive least one post a month at the least.
One thing I do have to vent.....I AM SICK of SICK KIDS!! That has been one of the draining things I am sick of. Okay, enough of that, we are very blessed and through all our hard times we have been blessed by the sustaining power of the gospel. God always gives us strength even during the times its hard to feel it.
Okay there I got it all out. I've posted a post similar to this before. But guess i needed to rehash it all again ;)


HA HA that was pretty funny!!

1. Brianna
2. Trevor
3. Trevor
4. Trevor
5. Alivia

No one got them all right but thanks for playing anyhow!!! :D