Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm back!

Hey guys, I am back to the blogging world!!
Guess I'll share a quick story. Last week I went to Fresh Market (I don't choose this store over others but I had three gift cards). I spent an hour finding the things I needed and when I checked out, the debit/gift card machines weren't working. Long story short they didn't handle it very well and demanded I pay with credit card. I left without groceries and was very frustrated. Well I put in a complaint with corporate, and the store manager called me the next day apologizing profusely, and she sent me a $20 gift card in the mail!!! AWESOME!! So Fresh Market totally redeemed themselves.
Okay, check out my family blog cuz I updated that too :)
Missed ya all!! -Brianna


  1. We have missed you!!!!!! Welcome back! Great story - but does that mean you have to go back and spend another hour to redeem the gift cards again - including the new one?

  2. love how they "demanded" u to use your credit card...i love when they actually response to your complaints though, thats great. we have missed you tons!

  3. I love your chutzpah! You are the one who gets things taken care of!!

    I heart you mi sobrina!

  4. Don't you just love stuff like that. I've had trouble using my debit card twice in two different stores. Both times I was told it was my bank's fault. Both times it was the store and it's server's fault. Glad you had a good outcome.